Manicures and pedicures are an awesome way to relax and have your nails professionally cared for to maintain the health of your fingernails and toenails, while also keeping them beautiful. While we respect a classic French mani or pedi, at Wildside Nails, as our name suggests, we like to live a little more on the wild side. Our nail techs are artists and your nails are the canvas. We want to turn your nails into a work of art and match them to your personality and style. Keep reading to learn more about getting your nails done like a work of art, and bring your fingers and toes to our shop in McAllen, TX and let us create a masterpiece for you!

Relax While You Get Pampered 1 1

Relax While You Get Pampered

One of the greatest advantages of letting Wildside Nails create your artistic vision is that you get to relax and get pampered while we take care of your nails. Enjoy some time to yourself or have a chat with one of our bilingual nail techs to experience a little nail therapy. Not only will you see the difference in your hands and feet, but you will feel the improvement in your mood. We want you to feel comfortable and carefree during your visit while we listen to you and turn your nails into artistic expressions.

Stunning Works of Art 2

Stunning Works of Art

At Wildside Nails, we pride ourselves on listening to you and sharing your creative vision for your nail work. Whether you are looking for an everyday look that compliments your style or you frequently attend lavish events and need to make occasional changes to your nails, we help you create a stunning display for everyone can notice. Get the attention of your friends or crush by letting us design beautiful and eye-catching works of art that are sure to impress.

Beneficial for Nail Health 3

Beneficial for Nail Health

We have all experienced the struggles of maintaining our nail health and preventing our natural nails from chipping or being damaged. Our professional nail services not only enhance the look of your fingers and toes, but they benefit your overall nail health. Our stylish nail work protects your nails by covering your natural nail with acrylic or Gel-X covering. Additionally, our nail styles are long-lasting and promote growth, helping you to grow and sustain strong and healthy nails on your hands and feet.

Different Services 4

Different Services

If you are in search of high-quality, beautiful nail services in McAllen, TX, Wildstyle Nails has a variety of services and styles to fit your needs. With a wide range of manicure options, pedicure treatments, and nail processes to choose from, we listen to your hopes for your nails and turn any “canvas” you bring us into a work of art. We provide high-quality full sets of acrylic and Gel-X nails with a heavy focus on educating clients on the best services for them and their nail health.

Since 2015, Wildstyle Nails has been proudly giving our clients the exact results they are looking for when it comes to nail art and spa services while taking an educational and transparent approach to every consultation. Learn more about us by booking your consultation today!

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