Introducing the Sculpted Full Set – a bespoke nail extension experience that transcends the ordinary. At Wildside Nails, we redefine elegance through advanced sculpting techniques, creating Acrylic or Gel nails perfectly tailored to the unique shape of your natural nails.

1. Craftsmanship in Every Curve

Step into the world of sculpted nails, where precision and artistry converge. Our skilled technicians at Wildside Nails employ advanced nail techniques to sculpt Acrylic or Gel extensions that seamlessly blend with the contours of your natural nails. The result? A set of nails that not only enhances your beauty but feels like a natural extension of you.

2. Personalized Extension Experience

Unlike one-size-fits-all solutions, our Sculpted Full Set is all about customization. We understand that each client has unique nail shapes and preferences. Whether you desire the strength of Acrylic or the flexibility of Gel, our technicians will craft extensions that align perfectly with your style.

3. The Art of Sculpting

Sculpting goes beyond the basic application of nail extensions. It involves a meticulous process of shaping and molding, ensuring that the extensions not only look stunning but also feel comfortable and natural. At Wildside Nails, we take pride in mastering this art to provide you with a truly exceptional experience.

4. Embrace the Natural Look

One of the key advantages of the Sculpted Full Set is its ability to mimic the natural look and feel of your own nails. Say goodbye to the artificial and hello to a set of nails that seamlessly integrates with your style, giving you the confidence to flaunt your unique elegance.

5. Experience the Difference at Wildside Nails

Located at 1700 N 10th St suite m, McAllen, TX 78501, Wildside Nails invites you to experience the next level of nail extensions. Book your appointment now and let our skilled technicians sculpt a set of nails that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.


Discover the artistry of nail extensions with Wildside Nails’ Sculpted Full Set. Elevate your style, embrace customization, and redefine elegance with Acrylic or Gel nails that feel as natural as they look. Trust us to sculpt a unique masterpiece that reflects your individuality. Book your appointment today and let your nails become a canvas for personalized beauty.

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