Got a fancy night out approaching on your calendar? Want to change up your look for the coming season? No matter the occasion, a new set of professionally styled nails can change your look from bland to bold! From hard gel nails to natural nail overlays, Wildside Nails is your go-to destination for nail services in McAllen, Texas. Acrylic nails are especially hot these days, so continue reading or contact us to learn more about them!


Prepping Your Nails

Acrylic nails may be an old-school choice, but they’re making a strong comeback — are your nails prepared? Before getting a new set of acrylic nails at our nail salon in McAllen, TX, you can expect the usual prep work of pushing your cuticles back and buffing your nails to make sure the acrylic layer sticks. You can do this yourself if you wish, but we recommend leaving it to our expert nail technicians!


Choosing Your Shape, Length, and Style

At Wildside Nails, when it comes to acrylic nails the possibilities are endless! Would you like a Classic Full Set of acrylic nails for a timeless look? Maybe a Sculpted Full Set with dramatic length and contours? Or what about a full set with detailed artwork? Whatever you choose, we’ll set you up with the perfect acrylic nails.


Nail After-Care

Acrylic nails are typically more durable than their gel-based counterparts, which makes them a popular option for people whose hands are constantly busy. To prolong their longevity further, you should treat your nails gently and consider wearing gloves if you’re cleaning with chemicals that could deteriorate your acrylic nails.


How Wildside Nails Is Different

Acrylic nails aren’t offered by many nail artists in McAllen, TX, simply because they require so much expertise to apply. That’s where Wildside Nails comes in! Our nail techs are incredibly talented and more than capable of applying acrylic nails, hard gel nails, and more without any issues. If your current acrylic nails need filling, we can also help you handle that!

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